Live Online Baccarat for Australian players

Baccarat is one of the world’s most popular casino games, especially at high rollers. This might surprise a lot of people, such as Baccarat is a pretty simple game, without taking into account a lot of strategy. But Live Baccarat has a great atmosphere that can not be beaten.

This is a factor that the online gambling sites have struggled to emulate. But what if you play live baccarat online? That’s the concept behind Live Dealer Baccarat, a new version of the classic, with the best features of Live Baccarat with the convenience of online casinos games in the VIP room at the top Australian casinos.
Why Play Online Baccarat

Online gambling has many advantages compared to going to a live casino. Of course, there’s the immediate benefit capable of playing at home, rather than drive or fly to a casino. You will not even deal with crowded tables or offensive players who might sit next to you at a live baccarat table.

But the benefits of online baccarat go far beyond that. When is the last time you have been given a bonus just for buying some chips at a live casino? Internet gambling sites offer huge bonuses for new players that you can use in the live dealer baccarat tables and in their casinos – something live casinos simply can not match. Depending on where you play and how much you deposit, you are entitled to bonuses worth hundreds or even thousands of Australian dollars (AUD) could be.

The live dealer difference

Live Dealer games you take the web casino gaming experience to a whole new level. If you have played baccarat at a gambling site, you’ve probably missed the presence of a real dealer. And while we can assure you that the use of web casinos random number generators are truly random and fair, they still do not feel quite right for you, when compared to playing with real, physical cards.

When you play live dealer baccarat online, you get with a real dealer, real cards, and play a real casino atmosphere. You will see the gameplay unfolds via a live video stream while you place your bets on an interface that is similar to the ones you’ve used in the standard online baccarat games.
The Same Game in a new format

If you know how to play live baccarat, you’ll be able to handle live dealer baccarat at online casinos. All rules and payouts are the same as in any other live or online baccarat game: You choose whether to bet on the player, the banker or a tie, and then watch the dealers deal the cards to come up with a result . The strategies and tactics that all are equal, no matter what format you play in.

It is also not a special software to play online live dealer baccarat. As long as you have a fairly new computer with an up-to-date web browser, your computer will be able to handle the streaming video that uses a web casino to deliver live dealer baccarat games to you . Most sites also offer different qualities and sizes of video, so you have a video feed, to find it for you.
What Makes a Good Live Dealer Baccarat game?

During live baccarat games are becoming more common on Internet gambling websites in 2014, not all games are the same. Our selection as the best online live dealer baccarat games for Australian players offer a number of different features and options that you look for in assessing which casino site that you want to play. Not all great websites have all of these features, but you should at least find some of them in any good live baccarat game.

Customization options: We have already mentioned an important feature. Most good live baccarat games you can play the video quality and the size of the window that you play in. You can also find helpful information and move next to the screen, as the results of previous hands or memories of the rules and change payouts.

Another popular feature offered by some Internet baccarat game is live chat, where you can interact with the dealer (and sometimes other players) while you play. This can really help to make the atmosphere more like that of a live casino. Some web gambling sites also offer the opportunity to play several live dealer games at once.
Mobile Live Dealer Baccarat

Mobile phone gambling is the newest growth area in the internet gambling industry, and 2014 has seen the introduction of some mobile live dealer games, including mobile baccarat. Not all websites that offer live dealer baccarat allow play these games on your smartphone or tablet, but it is a feature that we see more and more Australian casino sites. If your favorite online casino does not offer mobile Live Dealer Baccarat yet, look for it to expand as mobile options continue in the near future.