Guide to Casino War – House Edge

Casino War is a relatively simple game, as we explained, but you should understand the house edge for the different types of bets. All online casinos with an advantage over their players (such as House Edge known), how to make a certain% overall.

The default Casino War game is played with 6 decks and both the dealer and player have a 50% chance on the Ante bet. The Ante bet is therefore to bet on an even money as the casino has no advantage over the player. The house edge applies if there is a draw.

Some online casinos offer a bonus payout if there is a draw after being reflected in the war, though, and that is in the table below. It is important to note that the casino house edge increases with the more decks used, while their house advantage decreases when a bonus payout:

Casino War Strategy

As you can see from the above table, the casino holds a slight advantage over the player, but the% increases when you leave, when bound, and if you place a tie bet. Casino Guide has provided you with some useful tips to minimize the risk when playing Casino War:

Playing excessively, because if you have a tie, you will have double your bet. If you do not have the means to do so, you will lose your original bet.

Always’ to go to war “and never” surrender “because the house edge increases from 2.33% to 3.70%. This means, by a raise bet., If you give up half your bet and you lose automatically with ‘ve separated your money. give it away and dedication will help you win a chance.

If you win a tie bet, you get a 10 to 1 payout received, but the chances of you winning the Tie bet are very low. The house advantage is a whopping 18.65% so we recommend you do not always play a tie bet.

Finally, want to spend time, research in casino war strategies, the game is very simple and there is nothing.